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De proefsessies vinden plaats tussen november en april óf 6-8 weken vóór de bruiloft. Je kunt zelf via het online portaal je proefsessie inplannen of samen met mij kijken naar een geschikte datum en tijd.

I take you on a total journey to the wedding. First of all, after signing the offer, we start with a nice conversation to get to know each other (by phone / video), so we can get that click that I think is the most important thing!

After this conversation you have my phone number, where you can always reach me via whatsapp or to call me (yes, also in the weekend and in the evening ;))

After this meeting you will receive the invoice for the down payment. This is actually the cost for the trial session, but it is also your insurance for the wedding date.

Total experience

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You get an online environment in which you can find all your invoices, quotations, discussed topics, appointments, emails and forms. Then you have everything clearly in one place and you can always access it.  

Emails, emails and more emails. We are going to schedule the consultation (yeah). The nice thing about this conversation is that we will put together your haircut together. You take your mood board with you full of inspiration regarding your bridal hairstyle. Together we will discuss this mood board and look at the photos of your dress 😍.


We discuss which hairstyle fits best with the whole and what accessories possibly fit the best. We quickly go through the wedding day so that I can make a rough planning and all this while enjoying a delicious cappuchino, latte, tea, wine, champagne or just water (wine and cappucchino lover hiero).  

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Trial session it is! #bridalbartrial

Time for the tasting session (YASSS 👰🏻 ) 

We will of course start again with a delicious drink and a chat before we start. My tip is to combine your trial session with a fitting day of your dress, so you can see the complete picture and you can continue with the rest without having to think about it.

Take your mother, girlfriend or witnesses with you and make it a nice day. It is also nice to receive feedback from someone close to you.  

We've already discussed the hairstyle during our conversation and I'm going to work this out. We'll take some pictures at the end so you can always take a peek. Tip: Put on a white top with the same lines as the dress has approximately. A nice one, so not a simple white shirt, that's a shame!

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bridal time!


Almost bridal time......

First, let's get organized. 

After the trial session you will receive a form on which you can confirm your wedding details, add hairstyles of your guests and adjust times.

You will then receive a complete schedule for the morning from me by email. And then.. Let the count down begin !!!

On your wedding day I arrive at the agreed time and location and I first start with the setup of my things. Then we start according to schedule with your bridal hairstyle or possibly guests who need to be ready earlier. As soon as everyone is ready, I'll do a small touch-up for you as a bride, I'll attach the veil as soon as the dress is on and I'll take some pictures of your total look. So I often stay until the moment you are about to see your future partner 🤩.  

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What others have to say

These brides are already part of the #bridalbarbride squad

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All hairstyles are made with love by Inge - My studio portfolio, from trial session to bridal hairstyle

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What now?


Are you as exciting as I am? I will make the most beautiful bridal hairstyle for you with all my love! Are you curious if I am still available on your wedding day?

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