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In addition to the standard packages for the bride, there are a number of services that can be added. Here you will find information about what exactly which service entails.

touch up

At the touch-up I come back just before the party to put on the curl extra, to reshape the face frame and to remove the veil. 
Advice: Book a touch-up if you have the wish for a half updo or everything loose.

Kopie van Zonder titel (19).png

Bridal hairstyle and bridal makeup

In order to be able to offer the complete package to you as a bride, I went looking for the nicest colleague and the best makeup artist I know. Meet Audrey Hendrikx! Audrey has been taking care of her brides' makeup for years, she was thrilled to offer a set arrangement with me. So all makeup booked through The Bridal Bar is provided by Audrey Hendrikx. 

You can find her work on her website and on her instagram. | @audreyhendrikxvisagie

2nd hairstyle


Do you want a different hairstyle during the day than in the evening with the party? Then book the 2nd hairstyle extra. You will then immediately receive a test haircut for the second hairstyle during the trial session of the bridal hairstyle.
Hint: Pay attention! This takes about 1 to 1.5 hours depending on the hairstyle

Do you want to surprise your mother, sister or girlfriend with a haircut, possibly in combination with make-up? Then you can book guests. A guest will then get her haircut (and possibly her make-up) done on your wedding day. 
The guests will not be given a trial haircut and they must be at the same location as the bride in the morning.

Would you like a beautiful hair ornament in your bridal hairstyle? From eye-catcher to a subtle pin. You can shop the collection below

Best Sellers

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